In The Beginning…

11 May

I have finally decided to put my story down for all to see as I am sure one day very soon it will make any interesting testimony for some and that is my greatest hope for my readers.  You may be wondering why I have entitled this blog “Neva Played.”

There are several reasons that I have gone with this title.  The first is that if it is sport being played at a professional level, I have never played it but that won’t stop me from having an opinion about players.  Second, I have lived my life with the attitude that I won’t be played for a fool as a rule and not as an exception (but you guessed it…I have been played).  Lastly, the title gives my story a little street cred hood flavor.

What you will find about me is that I have lived a very different life than most.  Doesn’t make me better than anyone, just different.  I have been fortunate enough to fly high and I have fallen further than most would ever dream of and lived to tell the tale.

At 43, I have lived more than most will in several lifetimes and I will share more of that later.  I want to tell my story because I know that it will be helpful to others.  I know that we all learn differently.  Some of us learn by listening and others by living.  It is my hope that as this blog evolves it will be one where readers can learn by listening and avoid the painful experience of living the lesson.  I will communicate via this blog the way that I would talk if we were face-to-face.  I will jump around my life’s timeline and I will use tons of analogies to bring my point home in a humorous fashion.

The hardest part is now behind me as I have finished my introduction to my very first blog post.  In the interest of starting this new endeavor of with a bang, my next post will give an insight to my life’s parallel with none other than Tim Tebow.


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3 responses to “In The Beginning…

  1. Carolyn Graves

    June 20, 2012 at 9:35 am

    I have read all of your blogs and I must say that I was very impressed by your thoughts and insights. There were a few things that brought tears to my eyes and some that brought me extreme joy and one that I was totally unaware of. Mostly in reading what you have shared I can honestly say that I am blessed and proud to have you as a son. You are truly an exceptional man, father and son. Mom

  2. Brady

    February 16, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Awesome post.

    • Lyn Medearis

      June 23, 2014 at 3:20 pm

      Thanks, I am so glad you enjoyed it.


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